To Ask Or Not To Ask... That Is The Question – Detachable Hood by Styleuno Lonehood - SHIPS FREE


1. When will my lonehood arrive?

  • Before you'll even think about thinking about asking this question. All orders ship within 24 hours and shipping is available worldwide. Domestic orders usually arrive in 2-4 days (FREE SHIPPING).

    P.S. We'll make sure the delivery driver is a nice piece of eye candy. 

2. What is the return policy?

  • "Y'all buy that bullshit, you'd better keep y'all receipt" - Jay Z. Styleuno doesn't require receipts and no bulls are involved in the progress, rest easy.
  • FREE RETURNS and no questions asked on returns within 30 days of purchasing your hoodie. If there is anything wrong with your lonehood we will refund you in full or provide you with a brand new lonehood, free of charge.

    3. What is different about a men's and women's lonehood?

    • (Bill Belichick answer): One is for men and one is for women. Is that all?
    • The buttons and the slit are on opposites sides to attach to their shirts, accordingly. 

      4. How many colors and sizes are there?

      • You can currently purchase a lonehood in either black or gray and teen or adult-sized. Other colors and sizes will be available soon. You can always simply request more colors and designs.

        5. How long does it take to attach?

        • Women have been known to take up to 45 minutes making sure it looks perfect. Men can usually turn their collared shirt into a hoodie in less than 45 seconds...with one hand.
        • As a matter of fact, if you can do something cool with your lonehood or can put it on in record-breaking time, post the video to our twitter, @styleuno our instagram @styleuno or our page and be featured on our site!
        • You can wear this detachable hood under your jacket or coat by simply putting it on before putting on your jacket. 


        6. I’m bored, can you show me a picture of a cat?

        Sure can! In fact, here's two.