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Red Sox Beards

Posted by Derek Riccardo Coleman on | 0 comments

Red Sox Beards by

Playoff Beards

Do beards get you laid or get played? Is it harder to get laid if you have a huge beard like this and your AREN'T a famous baseball player. I ask this as a serious question because I've been growing out my beard for the playoffs and I intend to continue it through no-shave November and I want see what it does to my chances of getting laid. 

When I wear my hoodie and have a huge black beard sticking out I know that it does not look great for strangers passing by. I know that it probably makes them scared of me but let's face it, they're scared of anyone in big black hoodie.

Either way I hope that the Red Sox come thru tonight and take it in 6 games. I never expected anything less than  games in this world series. I mean shit, who can grow out a beard in less than 6 games anyway? Some of us have professional jobs and we can't grow it out for the whole length of the playoffs so we just want until the world series and if it's sweep you can't get more than just peach fuzz. 


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