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Brody's Hoodie in Homeland

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Brody's Hoodie in Homeland by

Homeland clothing


First episode of the season that Brody appears in and he's rockin' a hoodie! Not a surprise though. Pretty sure this only adds to the negative connotations that are already associated with hoodies today. I mean the biggest terrorist since Bin Laden and he's walking around in a hoodie. But the hoodie has shortsleeves and it looks like a shirt? I'm pretty sure they would have loved to wear a lonehood. I mean then he'd really be suspicious. Rocking a hoodie with a t-shirt and some shit that people have never see before? People would be looking at him more than they were already. Either way though, fly outfit and obvious choice of clothing. He needs something that will hide his face and he needs to remain some sort of decency on film so why not wear a hoodie that looks like it's been beatin up. It worked for Rocky, shit it might just work for you too. 

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