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The Walking Dead Clothing

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The Walking Dead Clothing by

The Walking Dead Clothing


I know that fashion does not seem to play a big part in The Walking Dead (except for armor) at all and that their makeup seems to play a huge part and that is probably true but I don't care. 

Did you see this shit that Daryl was wearing last night? I mean this shit is fly and that is no accident that he's wearing it. He could have grabbed any coat, hoodie, t-shirt, collared shirt or whatever he wanted from all the stores he's been in but he grabs this fucking thing?! That is style at it's finest, discreetly sneaking in the flyest gear that I've seen on a TV show character in a while. And it's no surprise that he's the one wearing it. The only one who rides a Harley with no cover from the zombies at all when anyone can just simply scratch him and he's done but nah he doesn't care. Not to mention it's the loudest thing you could possibly drive and his main weapon is a crossbow where he loves to pull the arrows out of their heads after and a knife secondary. 

Flyest character by far and if this is on sale somewhere someone please point me towards it because I'll but that right now. Can I get a hood on it though? WTF would that be called, a blanket hoodie? Someone go pick me up one right now. 

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