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Concept Clothing

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Concept Clothing by

concept clothing


The "Lonehood" definitely counts as concept clothing right? I mean it's not as crazy as the shit the lady is wearing in the photo above but it definitely serves and purpose it is mind boggling. The amount of people who have not fully grasped how to use it has left me stunned and a little overwhelmed. Like WTF is this second string for? Then they pull it and they say "Oh shit, this thing tightens around my neck? WTF That's pretty cool".. Yeah... that's what I made it for. Or they wear it for a month or two and then they come back to me as if they're are discovering something new about it for the first time and they say "Did you know you can button it in the front?". Yeah, I have to admit, I made it and it took me about a month to find out that I could button the hoodie in the front. Then I went to the gym with it everyday and people were awe-stricken when they saw me running with a hood but no sweatshirt. I mean they just continued to stare at me. I'm not sure if it was because I was running 5 miles at neck breaking speed or because I was wearing a lonehood and they are thinking "How the f*** is this guy wearing a hoodie? I don't see the rest it under his shirt and there are clearly no sleeves?"

Ya... like I said. Mind boggling. Definitely concept clothing

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