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Fashion in War

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Fashion in War by

Army fashion

Not known for high couture, the U.S. Army has introduced a new unisex combat uniform specially tailored for the female form, with a tapered waist and "more spacious seat."

The Combat Uniform-Alternate is the first of a series of efforts planned by the Army for the next few years to further integrate women into the U.S. Armed Services, as the military continues to address an intransigent problem with sexual assault.


Clothing is always evolving. Let's face it, whether the macho marines and army men want to agree or not, they are customers of the new fashion trends and they need to be. 


The army just went through their most expansive testing on new cammo patterns for the new uniforms in the history of the army. How can you blame them? Don't you want to be safe? Don't you want to have the craziest pattern that isn't visible to the naked eye or some shit? I know that I do! Last week I saw a hoodie that looked like a shawl but supposedly it is invisible to radars on drones and blacks your body heat. Now that's some shit.


Who are the fashion designers for the army? Who are the clothing manufacturers and inventors of these crazy clothing inventions? I'm sure I could be one.


Dressed to Kill 


I mean people always use this term lightly but this is used in the truest form. These uniforms are actually meant to help you kill. You are dressed to kill. Not like Kim Kardashian wearing a tight dress with her ass sticking out and people saying she is "dressed to kill" this is some serious shit. I agree she may be dressed to get violated by someone by that is a whole other story. 

But the overwhelming success that the uniforms have had with the soldiers isn't because of how it performs, but because of how it looks? Can you blame them? I mean if you're going to war and going to get shot you want it to look like Saving Private Ryan, right? Or Band of Brothers? Either way you want it to be glamorized and fashion only helps that. 


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