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Hoodies streetwear clothing or hipster clothing?

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Hoodies streetwear clothing or hipster clothing? by

In a world where everybody is continuing to improve their own style and try to stick out more and more it is tough to decide what is what these days? I mean seriously. You go through high school and there are a few kicks who usually stick out because they are wearing something crazy or you attend a catholic school and everybody wears the same thing. But when you get to college everything starts to change. Streetwear clothing is no longer strange. Wearing a hoodie with your hood on in class is no longer strange. Wearing all black hipster clothing is not strange enough for the stuff that you see people wearing nowadays. I mean I see people walking around in the craziest stuff, stuff that I don't even have words for because I do not know how it is described. I do not think that there are any fashion terms for it, and frankly, I'm not sure if it is fashion because I can't be exactly sure what fashion is. Fashion is always changing and people are always trying to keep up with the new fashion trend. They want to have the new fall fashion clothing then the new winter fashion trend but it is never really much different from last winter. I mean how can it be, we need to wear coats and jackets in the winter, we cannot invent something new every winter. Or can we? Sometimes we switch the colors or the fabrics but it is never that different


Wtf does a hoodie fit into? Is it hipster clothing or is streetwear clothing? If I'm wearing an all black mens hoodie that is oversized and I have my hood up then people might think that I am wearing emo clothing or hipster clothing. But if I have a colorful hoodie with sneakers (kicks) and some fly gear then people will say that it is streetwear. Also, how much does your personal physique and look play into this factor? If you are black or white and wearing a hoody does it matter much? Does it make a difference? I don't think so. In this day and age the hoodies have such a bad rep that it doesn't matter who is wearing it, they are looked at differently. I mean I have even seen the Queen of England wearing a hoodie and that shit was pretty fuckin weird to me but whatever. 

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