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Casual vs Fashionable?

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Casual vs Fashionable? by

Casual vs Fashionable. Which do you prefer? 

I have to say that I love wearing full suits with a properly tied bulky tie knot! I have made it a goal to study and learn new tie knots. I started with the usual full windsor everyday but then I gradually learned how to tie a trinity knot (took forever the first time) and then I move on to knowing how to tie 5 different tie knots so far. I learned how to tie a bowtie and started "bowtie Thursday" at work (it didn't catch on) and the highlight of my career was tying an excellent knot while driving (this is not safe and I do not recommend it). But as much as I like it, I can never see myself wearing a button down and tie outside of work or some formal meeting. 

There is nothing like being able to wake up and throw on anything that you want or the first thing that you see whether it be sweatpants, a hoodie, jeans, or sandals. There is obviously nothing better than being able to relax and just feel comfortable in your favorite clothes. Clothes that you have had your whole life and have been sleeping in or clothes that have been handed down by your older siblings. 

With that being said, if you could choose only one to wear for the rest of your life what would it be? You are obviously going to be out in public and also cooped up in your house at times. 

I know that this is almost cheating but I would have to go with business casual. A casual button down shirt that is not too fashionable but is also not too shabby. And maybe a hood, cause why not? 


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