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New Disruptive Clothing Product | Detachable Hood

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New Disruptive Clothing Product | Detachable Hood by

Say goodbye to those button down shirts with hoods attached to them that you used to see every now and then. I hope you were one of the many who never bought one so you don't have to clean out your closet. The new fashion trend is here. This is going to turn that shit into an obsolete product that will sell on clearance for the rest of its short-lived life. 

This detachable hood is the first of it's kind. Nothing like the ones you have on your snow jacket or rain jacket. This detachable hood attaches to a button shirt, ANY button down shirt. You do not need to have any extra buttons on the shirt and you do not have to do anything special. Simply attach it by buttoning it to the top button like you normally would button your shirt any ways. This detachable hood is something else. 

Did I forget to mention it is also an adjustable hood? 

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