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This is for you! | How fashion is cheating you.

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This is for you! | How fashion is cheating you. by

I'mma do this for you! I'mma do this for you and nobody else, certainly not for me.

For too long the fashion industry has been polluting our airwaves, our brains, ears, eyes, all of our senses with this bullshit that they are pushing onto us.

Who is designing this clothing? Who is buying this clothing? Why is high-end fashion even 'high-end' it is all just a facade that is built up around certain people. If I can get him or her to wear this then maybe it will be popular, right? That does not make something fashionable though it does make it sell for a lot.

Fashion is just like art or wine. Most of use don't know the difference between a $1,000 painting and a $1,000,000 painting but we can will not say anything about it. We do not question why this is? Art and wine are exceptions because they are not as popular as fashion.

WTF first said that wearing an animal on the verge of extinction was fashion? Who said that spending money on clothes meant you were fashionable?!

They are portraying this image onto us so that we will be blinded by it. So that we will pay hundreds of dollars for something that cost $5 to manufacture.

That is why I have to do this. I hate fashion, because what people consider fashion is not true. I hate anything that is not true and they are not being true to themselves.

I must do this for everyone out there like me who doesn't even like the term fashion because of all of the connotations associated with it. I must take back true fashion and save it. True fashion is wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in and nobody can take that from you. 

- Deman

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