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I made this hoodie for Trayvon Martin

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I made this hoodie for Trayvon Martin by

I'm disgusted by the outcome of this Trayvon Martin case. Not only is it completely preposterous but it was unfathomable to even think that he would walk away free until it actually happened. Skittles, iced tea, and a hoodie...damn. A couple of months ago I was watching a news story about the Trayvon Martin case and about the black hoodie and it inspired me to create this hood. I could not believe that the hoodie has been degraded so much and has such a negative connotation surrounding it. I mean the hoodie was in even banned in the UK at one point. But what if we flipped the reputation that the hoodie has. What if we put a hood on a button-down shirt and turned it into a business casual attire? Would Trayvon Martin have been profiled so harshly if he was wearing a dress shirt with a hood? Or a collared shirt with a hood? That got me thinking and led me to design this detachable and adjustable hood that is suitable for all clothing.


                                                         Mens black hoodie with button-down shirt 


Maybe this isn't something that people want to wear but regardless I want to see people's reactions when they see me wearing a suit with a hood. Am I going to be allowed into the club with this? I didn't see anything on your dress list that said no lonehoods!?! Judge me now.

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