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Fashion or beauty?

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Fashion or beauty? by

Do you need to look good to be a fashion mogul who is always in the limelight, not one of the guys behind the scenes. I mean really, if you want to me the next Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford etc. you need to hire models or you need to be in front of the camera a lot at the start. If you are starting a new fashion company in this day and age you need to do a lot of social media marketing and nowadays that means taking a lot of pictures. So if you are starting a fashion company on your own and don't have the models, now you need to gain a following of loyal 'instagrammers', 'facebookers', and 'twitterers'. But when we like a fashion photo how many times do we actually like the clothing and design or do we like the model? Because they're always models right? I can't remember many commercials or adds of photos with plus size women or downright ugly women and men just simply wearing the clothing instead of modeling it. Seriously, the mannequins in the stores even look good and you're already subconsciously thinking about slipping that dress off before you realize it's a piece of plastic.  


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