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The price is wrong

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The price is wrong by

Why does everything we buy need to have a high-end and a low-end? Why do we go along with the exorbitant price attached to “high-end fashion”? It is not the look that we are buying, it the aura that comes along with it. It is not about it looks on us, it is about how they look at us. We all want the brand name, the newest outfit, the most expensive dress…just so we can call it fashion. Fashion does not have to be expensive. Fashion can be from the “Thrift Shop” as long as you know how to wear it. Don’t let the clothes wear you, wear the clothes. Tons of wealthy businessmen in Washington D.C donate their clothes to Goodwill to get tax write-offs; these are possibly brand new suits for pennies on the dollar. We all know that we can find tons of great clothes at Marshalls or T.J Maxx or at an outlet fairly nearby. We can shop at these places and not just fit in, but we can stick out. We can be the best dressed at the function, the best looking at the wedding. These clothes can help build our self-esteem and they can be purchased for cheap if you know how to shop.

Don’t dress expensive, dress smart. Don’t follow the trend, follow your heart.


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