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What is fashion?

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What is fashion? by

What is fashion? Who determines it? 

Fashion is lovely because there are no written rules. You are free to dress how you want, with the exception of very few outfits, and nobody has any right to say anything. There are no restrictions on the amount of clothes you choose to wear, but rather on the lack thereof. One day you can choose to cut your shirt in half vertically and wear it to school and maybe it becomes a new trend tomorrow. There is no telling what is going to be the new thing tomorrow and that makes every more special when the new thing does come. When a new piece of apparel takes the masses by storm it is truly a fascinating thing to watch. Truly new, innovative fashion does not come very often so we must embrace it when we can. Never be ashamed of what you are wearing; never let anyone make you feel anything less than perfect because of something that you are wearing. It takes non-conformist like the ‘hipsters’ to create a new fashion trend. It takes a trendsetter, it takes someone special. Fashion is whatever you say it is because fashion is different to everybody. Maybe your grandmother’s sweater that you had knitted into a scarf is your favorite piece of clothing but it means nothing to anybody else. You determine your own fashion, you determine your own look, and you determine how people will perceive you.

Create your own fashion.

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