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Time to Burn Your YMCMB Hoodie

Posted by Derek Coleman on | 0 comments

Lil' Wayne, aka 17 other names, claims to "be music" and although I'm not exactly sure if that's true, I'm pretty sure that he "is YMCMB" as much as a person can be. Ya Drake and Nicki are huge names now but it all started with Weezy and it's all going to end with Weezy so as much as I hate to say the words "burn your hoodie" I feel as though it's only necessary to show Weezy that we ride with him until the death.

I can't think of a musician who has given away more free music than him. Who has put his heart and soul into thousands and thousands of tracks and still remains so humble. Now, all he wants to do is give us MORE music and Baby aka Birdman, head of YMCMB, won't allow him to drop a tape? "C'mon son... c;mon son" (Ed Lover voice) what kinda shit is that, seriously? One of the most world-renown musicians in the world and you're trying to sabotage his career by not allowing him to release music OR leave the label...reallllll weak!

We all know that we were only reppin' our YMCMB hoodies because we thought YMCMB was all cool, but now that we know it ain't so, might as well buy some Trukfit apparel or some OVOXO clothing The only reason we even put up with Birdman is because of the artists and now that we know they're beefin', I'm sure the majority of us wouldn't mind, or even notice, if Birdman was no longer involved. 

Or should there just be YM sweatshirts? Either way, I'm just glad that I never bought one I guess cause then I'd really be out in the streets "with a can full of gas and a hand full of matches" - (Eminem) ready to burn it down...or maybe I'd donate it to charity instead since that seems like the more noble thing to do. 


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