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What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Lawyers

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Treat your first 12 customers like a lawyer would treat his jury. Know everything humanly possible to know about them because they are going to determine your "user profile". They are exactly who you are trying to attract to your product or service...

I've only had the chance of having a discussion with a self-made billionaire once in my life and I'm going to let you in on the most important and most memorable thing that he told me about marketing, he said:

"Know your customer. If you know that everybody with a yellow shirt and red tie is interested in your product or service then you don't have to waste time and money marketing to everybody else."

This is your "user profile" it is one real customer that you have that you can base all of your potential customers off of. It is someone who you can contact when you have a real-life A/B situation about a new feature or service or whatever it is and you know that whatever his or her answer is is what the majority of your customers will agree with. I could go on for days about this so if you have questions leave a comment and I can give you some very specific information about how to achieve this...

Lawyers, good lawyers, do real-life A/B psychological test on even the smallest things because they understand that the smallest things can make or break a huge case. Did you know that studies show that cases that are the first case of the day are acquitted on average 30% more than cases taken right before lunch or as the last case of the day? It's because people are tired and hungry and they just want to go home. If you can't be the first case of the day then make sure you at least give everyone a break some time during it. Isn't it stupid that someone can go to jail for life because people are tired and hungry? It's psychology so you better learn how to use it. Lawyers know all of this. The re-enact and role play and practice every step of the case before the actual day so that there are no surprises. They know personality tests and try to determine exactly who it is they're dealing with and how to change their opinion and alter their mind. At the end of the day this is the same job that all salesman have, it's persuasion. 


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