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The 5 Best Promotional Products of 2015 And Why

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How popular is promotional clothing? I mean, do companies pay much attention to promotional clothing and accessories? We all see the typical t-shirts and sweatshirts that all companies (especially start-up companies) seem to have but that's about it. And for that reason I'm going to exclude them from my list, plus they're aren't accessories, but, with no further adieu, I present to you the 5 best promotional products of 2015.


5. Flip flops

Flip flops

Let's be honest. Who's going to see your logo on someone's hideous big toe? Especially when it's buried deep in the sand and if they do see it why would they care? Unless you are selling shoes you don't really want to be associated with feet. Some people are completely grossed out with feet and others have wild foot fetish fantasies, there's no in between. Don't do the sandals. 


4. The plastic disposal glasses have been seen around raves

The plastic disposal glasses have been seen around raves


This is pretty cool. College students eat this shit up. Giving them free stuff as they walk in to a rave or a blackout party and they'll rock that shit all night. They'll start singing about your brand and reppin' it as if you were their best friend. The downfall is that they won't remember a thing from the night and neither will anybody else that they were with. The glasses will most likely fall when they're head noddin' and wildin' out and probably get crushed by some dude who just passed out or get covered in puke. If you could find a way for them to keep them and save it as a reminder of the night it'd be great though! 


3. Apron


I know, I know. You're thinking WTF why did he put an apron at #3 but let me explain. An apron is perfect for companies that are in the house-ware/culinary sections. It gets dirty and it gets cleaned again. It's something that will be seen over and over by whoever does the laundry and wears it, and if that's your target customer that's great. The downside is that the market is huge and there aren't even many people in the market who still wear aprons day in and day out. Chances are they throw on some raggedy-ass shirt and wipe their hands all over it. 


2. Drawstring backpacks

Drawstring backpacks


The drawstring backpack was great. It took the world by storm and became one of the biggest niche apparel promotional accessories. But they aren't really in style anymore. It was something of a fad that lasted for a while but eventually had to die down. 


1. Lonehood



Of course the lonehood is the #1 product at the moment, for many reasons. It's new, innovative, and unique. It is something that nobody has ever seen before and it literally turns heads when people see someone wearing a dress shirt with a lonehood. The fact that it is still new allows you to take advantage of the fad, the trend and the rise that all of the other products have already experienced. It can be printed on however you want. It can have an all around design or a simple logo. And it's a durable product. It is something that you choose to keep. You will wear it out to school, outside when you don't want a sweatshirt. It is something that you will continue to wear and it is not a one-night product!

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