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The Greatest Portable Pocket Hoodie Ever?

Posted by Derek Riccardo Coleman on | 0 comments

The Greatest Portable Pocket Hoodie Ever? by

Pocket Hoodie

Some people are calling this the pocket hoodie. Some people are calling this a portable hoodie. Some people are calling this the greatest clothing invention since the condom. Hey call it whatever you want to call it but it's a Lonehood and make you go out (actually it's only online so you can't go out) and buy one today. It's the portahoodie for fashion and it's clean.

When's the last time you saw a novel clothing accessory like this? I don't remember any clothing items that had more potential than the lonehood to reach the masses. I've seen thinks for professional athletes. I've seen things for designers. I've seen things for specific niches but this is for everyone. This is for you and me and it's affordable. 

This is for your girlfriend so she doesn't get her hair wet. This is for you to stay warm. This is for that business casual Friday look that you've been trying to pull off for years. This is for not being noticed by the paparazzi that has been following you ever since you blew up on YouTube. This is for the world...It's a lonehood. Or a lonehoodie - whatever suits you. 

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