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I'll Sell You A Hoodie But You Sure As Hell Aren't Allowed To Wear It

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I'll Sell You A Hoodie But You Sure As Hell Aren't Allowed To Wear It by

Man banned from wearing hoodie

Dickinson ISD takes students’ hoodies despite cold weather

DICKINSON, Texas – McAdams Junior High School confiscated hooded sweatshirts from several students Tuesday, citing the district’s ban on hoodies.

Seventh grader Kyle Garza had to ride the unheated school bus in a sleeveless t-shirt then walk the rest of the way home in the wind.

Raine Garza, Kyle's mother, was not happy.

“It’s just getting ridiculous,” Raine said. “They’re putting all this gang affiliated stuff on these kids.”

The district said it banned hoodies a couple of years ago as a safety measure. However, the school sells hoodies to raise money, but kids cannot wear them on campus.


This school is obviously getting the most 'bang for its buck' just selling hoodies to students but not allowing them to wear them in the whole district? Wow! Who's going to buy a hoodie from you bro? Getting no impulse buyers at all. Nobody buying a hoodie just so they can wear it to the game tonight or because the temperature just dropped 15 degrees. Nope. Getting chicks purchasing a hoodie because they want to wear it 10 days from now for an event they already have planned out. Might as well just buy that offline it will be shipped in time to arrive before you're allowed to wear their hoodie. 


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