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ANOTHER black man is chased down and killed in Florida for wearing a hoodie

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ANOTHER black man is chased down and killed in Florida for wearing a hoodie by

Ricardo Sanes



Another potential “Stand Your Ground” shooting recently occurred in Florida. An Orlando man shot and killed a 21-year-old who was allegedly running through (or from, depending on who you ask), his yard. But the young man had not stolen anything, nor broken in to anyone’s home. He was literally just running. He had not threatening anyone, but Claudius Smith nevertheless said that he was afraid that this running youth was a burglar.

That’s when he decided to stalk him, and shoot him. Is this starting to sound familiar?

Smith followed the young man over a fence into a neighboring apartment complex. When police arrived, they found 21-year-old Ricardo Sanes dead in the grass, surrounded by six .45-caliber shell casings.

In a confession documented in the Orlando Police Department report Smith said that he was afraid of his victim “because his pants were falling down”. This, Smith explained, must have meant that the “fleeing” young man was “armed.” The irony that Smith himself was armed, was apparently lost on the shooter.

As well, Smith explained that Sanes “had his hands in the pocket” of his hooded sweatshirt, another piece of attire that Smith said indicated the young man was up to no good.



This is incredible. What is it going to take to make this stop. Obviously after the Trayvon Martin case some people got the impression that they can just shoot and kill whoever they want if they are wearing a hoodie and baggy pants. All I know is that people are going to be in an uproar if he happens to get acquitted on "stand your ground". 

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