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Is Pharrell's Oscar Nomination More Important for the Fashion or Music Industry?

Posted by Derek Riccardo Coleman on | 0 comments

Is Pharrell's Oscar Nomination More Important for the Fashion or Music Industry? by


Pharrell Williams is almost as famous for being a fashion designer as he is for being a rapper/producer. It is with hard work and dedication that he has been able to escalate himself to stardom in both industries. But which was is recognized for more? Obviously hip hop heads, like myself, think this is a no-brainer and I'm sure some people don't even know he has his own clothing line. But on the other hand, I'm sure his fashion has reached to other continents that wouldn't even understand his music if they had heard it. Not to mention, producers never get as much credit as they should.

But with this new Oscar nomination, I'm beginning to wonder if he is going to become too big for some of his old hip hop pals? The Clipse just released that they are going to release a comeback album and I'm wondering how noticeable Pharrell's presence will be on this album?

Any way, is his Oscar nomination more important for hip hop or for fashion? The nomination for Best Original Song is music but it's not a hip hop song or beat so I'm not sure...

Oh ya his 24 hour music video is genius, creative, and incredible! What do we call it? Is it a music video or a movie? 


P.S: Eminem won the award for his song "Lose Yourself" from 8 Mile and then refused to show up to the award show (some say because he didn't want to wear a tux). 

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