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3 Largest Purchasers of Custom Hoodies?

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3 Largest Purchasers of Custom Hoodies? by

I have a friend who just started a me-commerce manufacturing company and she has been raving about how big the potential market is for me-commerce. She claims that that is where all clothing is going soon and that everybody should get on it now...So that leads me to the question of how big is the market for custom hoodies? 

Of course I've done some research into this and I'm not just throwing this question up into the air. The market for custom hoodies is not nearly as big as it is for regular hoodies of course but it has been growing exponentially and it is showing great potential. One of the main reasons it is not nearly as big is due to the fact that there are not many me-commerce manufacturers that are providing quality products at reasonable prices. It is tough to get a custom made hoodie that is great quality and only cost slightly more than a regular overpriced sweatshirt. But who is buying custom made hoodies?


New start-ups love to stay hip, fresh, and young these days and they are usually decking out all of their employees with the freshest logo-embroidered t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and whatever else they can find. This of course is if they are a successful start-up company. Also, not all start-ups are following this trend. It is more prevalent in tech companies and start-ups with CEOs who are really pushing to creating a fun social work environment. 

Athletic teams

This is a given. Athletic teams have been buying custom made hoodies and full warm-up suits since who knows when. But the market is still growing! All sports teams from cheerleaders to rugby teams are buying the latest custom made gear because they feel that it helps show off their team pride. It raises awareness among fans and camaraderie between players. No coach wants their players all decked out in different, ridiculous looking streetwear and that's probably why the tradition started but who knows? I remember getting new jerseys and any type of clothing was always one of the highlights of playing sports. I mean just look at this video of the Texas A&M football seeing their new black jerseys for the first time. (Skip to 1:20)


There's nobody who wants to show off their coolness by having some custom swag more than tweens do, and they usually get what they want or they just yell until they get what they want. I mean they represent to the fullest when they get custom made gear. Not just putting a name on the back or anything but decking out the whole outfit with sparkles and glitter and writing that says "Sandra loves JB" or something extremely corny like that, but they buy it so hey, we can't hate. 


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