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Do Celebrities Prefer Custom Clothing?

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Do Celebrities Prefer Custom Made Clothing? by

Custom Made for Beyonce


Do celebrities like to wear clothing that has their name, logo, or image of them on it? I hope somebody has some experience with this because I am looking to send lonehoods to celebrities and I'm wondering if they prefer to wear something that is custom made for them? Personally, I don't think that a lot of them would like to have their name all over their hood but then again a lot of celebrities are a lot cockier than others. Since I have been weighing this option out I'm going to break down the upside and downside of doing both, for me and the celebrity. 

Downside for me:

  • It will obviously take me a lot more time and money to customize every single hood to each celebrity. 
  • There is a good chance that all of that work goes to waste and that they never even see the product.
  • I will be sending two products if I do design one, just in case they don't like the design but want a normal product. 

Upside for me:

  • I will get a lot of practice designing the lonehoods and who knows maybe the design will be so good that they will want me to sell it. 
  • It might have a better chance of actually getting into the hands of the celebrity I am sending it to. 

Downside for celebrities:

  • Lonehoods provide anonymity and maybe they do not want their name written all over their head when they are trying to go unnoticed.
  • Maybe they are very modest and would never wear something with their name or picture on it. 

Upside for celebrities:

  • If the design is really good and maybe has a personal touch to it it might be something that they keep as a souvenir. 
  • There will be no doubt in their mind that the product is specifically for them and nobody else. 


I think that I will send normal products out without designs because for the time being I think that they downsides are out weighing the upside. The anonymity factor is also a big thing when it comes to celebrities and if they want to ignore paparazzi I think this is a great product for them to wear. 


What do you think, do you agree? 

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