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Justin Bieber hoodie

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Justin Bieber hoodie by
Justin Bieber hoodie
Everybody knows about Justin Bieber making the grey hoodie famous like no other has ever done. There's no need to even talk about how far his style has come since these days but all I want to know is what after affects has he had on the hoodie? Did he make the hoodie less ghetto? Did he make it more acceptable? Is he the reason that all women like to wear their boyfriends hoodies now? I mean it all makes sense....
On another note though, when is he going to wear a lonehood? I know that a lonehood is more of his style now-a-days and I'll make one specifically for him....shieeeettttttt (The Wire style) I'll make him a black leather one or a red leather one and I can see him rocking one at a concert or wherever he rolls with his pussy posse. 
What do you think of Justin Bieber wearing a hoodie? 

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