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How much do uniforms matter to professional athletes?

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How much do uniforms matter to professional athletes? by

Jacksonville Jaguar jerseys

"Jordan's personal style was equally authentic and unique as his basketball skills. Nike signed him to a major shoe deal because of his anticipated appeal, but he surpassed even the loftiest of expectations. One version of the sneakers he wore in his first preseason was an unseen before blend of his team's red and black colors that the NBA initially considered in violation of the "uniformity of uniform rule." Subject to fines if he continued to wear them, he occasionally did and the demand for that version and others in the Air Jordan line was unprecedented."'


How much does fashion come into play when professional athletes are deciding on which team to go to? 

I know that it's not a major deciding factor but after you have weighed all the pluses and minuses of the team and the location and all of that. Once you have a couple of teams neck-and-neck, fashion must play a small part of your decision, right? I mean who wouldn't want to wear the Atlanta Falcon's jerseys or the Jacksonville Jaguar's jerseys. And who would want to wear the Buffalo Bills jerseys? 

I'm pretty sure Lebron chose Miami because they have one of the best jerseys. No doubt about it. 



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