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Happy Birthday Jay Z

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Happy Birthday Jay Z by

Happy Birthday Jay Z and Beyonce

Happy Birthday to Big Hov. I know this is a fashion blog but the clock just ticked 12AM about 20 minutes ago making it December 4th and I remember it is Jay Z's birthday. For anyone who listens to him they probably know the song Dec 4th off The Black Album. And Jay Z played a major role in urban fashion by creating Rocawear so it's only right I post this, right? 

I know that he removed the hypen from his name so I am respecting that. The big homie just turned 43 today and he is still out there killin it everyday. Whether it be in the studio or in the front office he's showing no signs of slowing down so lets give it up to him. 

"December 4th a star was born". 

P.S. I needed to put Queen B in the pic cause she just looks so fine in every pic. 

Let me end this with one of my favorite Jay Z lines. "Everybody could tell you how to do, they never did it."

What's your favorite Jay Z line????

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