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Patriots Hoodies

One of the most exciting game all season last night. The Patriots beat the Denver Broncos in overtime after playing the worst first half of football they have played all generation. The Tom Brady v. Peyton Manning match-up lived up to all the hype and it was a game for the ages. But we all saw the game so enough of that...

The attire that these players wear during these cold games needs to be stepped up. It's kind of assuring to know that all these multi-millionaires still have to freeze their asses off and wear the same clothing as us but c'mon... People look all sense of style and dignity when it gets below freezing. 

Belichick could just have easily been wearing a lonehood here and then he would have to have a hoodie on all the time with his cut off sleeves. Nothing better for him to wear in order to keep it casually and still classy. He can be on the sidelines with a suit and a lonehood just shoving it right back at the league for their ridiculous rules not allowing coaches to wear suits more than a certain amount of times.

Lonehood Belichick all day.

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