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Adam Levine vs. JFK

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Adam Levine vs. JFK by

adam levine and JFK

According to People Magazine Adam Levine was just named the world's sexiest man in the world. I have no comment on that except that I didn't know he was in the race? I never hear much about him slaying women left and right or anything but maybe he's married, who knows? But with JFK's 50th year anniversary of his death coming up on Friday it lead me to the question of who is sexier, Adam Levine or JFK?

I mean JFK had the world in a trance and he completely owned all women. It was like Beetle mania while the Beetles were still around and he was the president. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if he was just a celebrity out in Hollywood but this man was the president and you can't become president until you are at least 35 years old. He remains the youngest president to ever be elected and I'm sure polls have been taken and he has probably been ranked the sexiest president every time. 

So does Washington beat out Hollywood on this one? I say definitely. If not because of his looks, women would still be all over him because of him power. I mean Adam Levine's power and money is comical compared to the Kennedy family. They completely ran shit from day one and their looks played a huge role in doing it. 

JFK: 1 Adam Levine: 0 

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